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Mold 101: What You Need To Know

7/26/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on white wall. Mold damage Mold growing on the wall.

What You Should Know About Mold

The last thing you want to find in your Mars Hill, GA, business is a patch of fuzzy gray mold growing on the wall, in the fridge or between the pages of a book. It can be unsettling, and you surely have questions. Before you panic and reach for the bleach, make sure you know exactly what you’re up against with this helpful list of frequently asked questions regarding mold growth.

1. What is mold, and what causes it?

Mold is a type of fungus, meaning it is a living organism. It releases spores, which can affect air quality in indoor spaces. Also, mold feeds on whatever it grows on: food, wood, paper, and other porous surfaces. If you find mold in your building, it means that the air is too moist. High humidity and water damage can cause mold if not dealt with properly.

2. How do you get rid of it?

The most important factor in removing mold from your building is moisture control. You can use detergent and water to clean mold from most surfaces, but this alone will not stop mold growth. The root of the problem lies in the levels of humidity in your home. To prevent regrowth, address the moisture problem.

3. How do you prevent mold?

The key to mold prevention is moisture control. Use dehumidifiers if you notice your home is feeling humid, and routinely open the windows to improve circulation. Never paint over mold, as the fungus may keep growing under the paint. After experiencing water damage, remove moisture from the space immediately. Thoroughly dry all affected surfaces within 48 hours of the incident, and consult with mold remediation professionals if you have any concerns.

Remember: the absolute most important step in keeping mold out of your Mars Hill, GA, building is keeping the humidity under control. It thrives in damp environments, so whether you are currently dealing with an outbreak or simply hoping to prevent mold growth down the line, make moisture control your top priority.

Protect Your Home From Dire Fire

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

Fire on stove badly damaged kitchen room and ceiling. Although your burnt home may seem lost, SERVPRO of Northwest is your fire restoration company that can help restore your property.

Protect Your Home Against A Serious Fire

Your house in Mars Hill,GA is an investment worth protecting. To prevent a catastrophic loss, your residence needs your evaluation to ensure it has proper safeguards against a home fire. Fire preparation is key to prevent the chaos and costs of mishandling a fire.

Always Think Fire Safety

By being constantly mindful of fire safety, you can stop any hazards from ever happening. A fire savvy mindset involves mindfulness of several things while around your house:

  • Putting out candles when you cannot actively monitor them
  • Turning off space heaters or other flame sources when not awake
  • Putting out cigarettes with water and keeping them away from flammable garbage
  • Moving flammable objects a few feet away from heaters, ovens or fireplaces

Install and Test Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are the best first line of defense against a surprise fire. It’s recommended by the Red Cross that, at a minimum, every floor has a fire detector and an additional one outside each bedroom. If you do not have one outside every sleeping area, it is beneficial to install more.

Your next step in fire preparation is to clean and test your smoke detectors regularly. They should be occasionally dusted to allow them to work effectively. Once a month, the test button on one unit should be pressed to ensure all alarms are connected and functional so you can identify any that need unit or battery replacement.

Have a Plan

Everyone in your home should know the procedure for a home fire. You should identify the fire escape routes and inform everyone in the home of them. Every resident should be advised to dial emergency services once safe from a major fire to get the fire department on the scene as soon as possible.

Fire safety is your home’s safety. Although your burnt home may seem lost, there are professional residential fire restoration companies that can help restore your property. Adequate fire prevention helps you act on the fire immediately so you can protect your home from more extensive damage.

Why Is Fast Action Important After a Pipe Break?

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Wet floor inside living room, couches Standing water after a burst pipe causing flooding in a Macland, GA home.

What Actions Should Be Taken In The Event Of A Burst Pipe?

Bursting pipes may be the last thing you want to deal with in your Macland, GA, home. However, if you notice this issue, you need to address it as quickly as you can. Your local water remediation team can help you quickly assess and respond to the damage. Your professional cleanup crew can also help you understand why fast action is important.

Get to the Source: Calling someone in to inspect water damage as soon as you notice it can help you figure out what caused the problem. Whether it was rainwater, sewage backup or a busted pipe, getting to the source of the problem can help you avoid a repeat. If you simply clean up the standing water without a thought of what caused it, you may have more water in your home the next day or the next time it rains.

Stop Mold Growth: Bursting pipes often release clean water into your house. However, even clean water can introduce mold growth if it is left unattended for too long. Fast action keeps mold growth at bay because you take care of the excess moisture before the spores can start to grow.

Save Belongings: As you set out to fix a broken pipe, your goal may be to stop the damage from spreading. Water has a way of flowing to other parts of your home. This travel can damage more building materials, flooring and furnishings than if you had cleaned up the flood right away. Even if the waters aren't on the move, you can save more of your belongings by starting the dry-out process as soon as possible.

Bursting pipes can lead to a lot of damage. If left unattended, you may start to notice mold growth, structural damage and destroyed furnishings. The quicker you are able to act on standing water in your house the easier the repair process will be.

3 Products That Bring You the Charm of Candles Without the Danger

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

wax warmer Wax warmers make spaces smell great without the risk of an open flame.

What Is A Safe Alternative To Candles?

Candles have long been a staple for those looking to add a little charm to their homes. However, it goes without saying that because of its open-flame nature, the average candle is also a huge fire hazard. Over the span of five years, the average candle fire was responsible for a whopping

  • 24 reported house fires every day
  • 2 percent of all reported house fires
  • 3 percent of home fire deaths
  • Millions of dollars in property damage and smoke cleanup efforts

This issue has been an ongoing one because people continue to enjoy the benefits that the modern candle has to offer. Fortunately for you and your Davis Crossroads, GA, home, there are now plenty of alternatives to choose from that offer all of the benefits and none of the risk.

1. Wax Warmers

In recent years, wax warmers have slowly begun to replace scented candles as a means of making spaces smell great without the risk of an open flame. These products use low-heat plates to melt scented wax cubes, giving off the same effect as a burning candle. These are, of course, not without their own risks, but they’re generally much safer than candles.

2. Oil Diffusers

Essential oils have also become popular methods of making houses smell great. These oils can either be used in an electric diffuser or with diffusing sticks, neither of which require open flames to get the job done. Diffusers that consist of bottles and diffusing sticks are likely the safest options out there.

3. Fake Candles

Small, battery-operated candles can convincingly emulate the appearance of an actual candle, allowing homeowners to enjoy that soft, flickering light without the threat it typically brings. They can be used alongside wax warmers and oil diffusers to create a candle-like experience without any candle fire risk while you go about your day.

You don't need to risk disaster to enjoy the ambiance candles bring. Any of these options can provide your home in Davis Crossroads, GA, with the benefits of modern candles without the threat of candle fire on the premises.

5 Helpful Tips for Commercial Roof Upkeep

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Repairing Damaged Gutters. Gutter Repair. Roof Guttering. Prevent water damage by keeping gutters and drain clean.

How Do You Maintain A Commercial Roof?

Maintaining the roof of your Red Rock, GA, business is beneficial to save money and time. By staying on top of inspecting and treating any roof problems, you can stop a roof leak from becoming a major problem. Here are five helpful tips to protect your commercial property’s roof from wind damage and other dangers.

1. Evaluate the Roof Structure and Make Sure the Material Is Appropriate

Depending on how prevalent certain natural events are, a certain roof type may be preferred. Consulting with a local expert in roofing or construction helps figure out the best material for the weather your building will most often experience.

2. Establish Good Ventilation

Proper HVAC control is necessary to maintain moisture and stop mold from deteriorating the structure of the roofing and other building materials. A specialist in HVAC can help determine the best airflow plan for your business to prevent damage from causing a roof leak.

3. Become Familiar With Your Warranty

Most roofing comes with a warranty for any defects. By knowing what your warranty offers, you can get repairs when you otherwise may be hesitant otherwise to do because of cost to your business.

4. Maintain the Roof With an Expert’s Help

Planning ahead with an expert’s regular maintenance plan can catch any roof problems in their early stages when they otherwise may go unnoticed. Regular maintenance also maintains the airflow for HVAC systems, so you can additionally maintain the HVAC system’s efficiency by maintaining the roof.

5. Prevent Water Damage by Keeping Gutters and Drains Clean

Water may build up and damage the roof if any drain system near the roof is not regularly cleaned. It’s important to occasionally clear it of the debris before it becomes too clogged to relocate water as it was designed to do.

While roof damage is repaired or treated, there may be water or wind damage you notice inside your property. A professional storm damage restoration company can assist in treating any type of property damage done to your business. With the roof maintained and repaired regularly, you can avoid having to deal with any preventable roof leak and related damage.

Is Commercial Storm Damage Tax Deductible?

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

Building surrounded by stormwaters in Acworth, GA. Severe flood damage by storm in Acworth, GA.

After a storm in Acworth, GA you're left picking up the pieces in your business. Storm damage from a major event can permanently shutter businesses in the area affected. Generally, the businesses that do squeak by the need to scrounge every dollar they can to stay afloat.

How Bad Are the Odds?

In a major event, they're terrible. Small businesses generally are crushed when they're forced to close. After a major disaster:

  • 40% of businesses never reopen.
  • An additional 25% fail within a year.
  • A staggering 90% of small businesses fail within two years.

Will Insurance Beat the Odds?

If you have good coverage, it probably will but most small companies are not well-prepared for a real disaster. A Standard commercial insurance policy will cover storm damage such as wind, rain, and hail, but it doesn't cover either flood damage or business income lost.
If you're in an area that may flood, you should investigate flood insurance. With this policy in addition to your standard business policy, you should have full coverage for most kinds of damage.
Business interruption insurance is also usually a good deal; and a huge peace of mind issue. If you can afford this and all your damage is covered, you may not need to worry about tax deductions.

When Is Damage Deductible?

In most cases, damage from a storm that results in a loss to your business is tax-deductible. If insurance covers the damage, it's not a loss although your premiums are deductible, of course. Repairing damage from disasters such as a storm, earthquake or vandalism, is a legitimate business expense and as long as you itemize, you can write it off.

What About Major Disasters?

If a widespread disaster hits, you may be eligible for special tax deductions. However, it depends on the wording. Many special tax benefits are not available to commercial taxpayers. You can call your local storm damage restoration professionals who are available to advise about grants and tax credits as well as help you restore your building.
Losses may be tax deductible if they aren't covered by insurance. Just don't write off covered losses since it didn't actually cost you money.

How To Remove Stubborn Grout From Your Bathroom Shower

6/14/2021 (Permalink)

Using a moisture meter to check for mold in Acworth, GA. Call the professionals if you have extensive mold damage.

Tips To Eliminate Mold and Prevent It From Returning

Household chores are likely not on your list of favorite activities, and scrubbing the bathroom is typically the least preferred chore of all. From scouring the toilets to sanitizing the sinks, cleansing your bathroom requires several cleaning agents and a plethora of elbow grease. Further, if you battle a humidity problem in your shower, you might find yourself struggling to remove stubborn mold and mildew. Read on to learn some helpful tricks to eliminate mold and prevent it from returning.

The Process

While several methods of mold removal exist, they all employ the same, basic techniques:

  • Apply cleaner
  • Scrub with a brush
  • Rinse

Do you prefer utilizing commercial cleaning solutions, or are natural, organic products your choice in agents? Luckily, either option can remove and prevent mold.

The Natural Method

If you favor natural cleaning processes, remove bathroom mildew using three common household ingredients.

First, apply baking soda to the grout, and pour distilled white vinegar over the soda to create a foamy paste. Utilizing your nylon brush, scrub away the mildew and mold, and follow up with a warm water rinse.

Alternatively, you may mix equal parts of vinegar and lemon juice and add baking soda until the mixture begins to bubble and foam. Dip your brush into this solution, and scrub the grout. After letting it soak for five minutes, use your brush to scour again. Rinse thoroughly with water.

The Commercial Method

Commercial cleaning agents are available in most grocery stores in Lost Mountain, GA, and are all effective at removing bathroom mildew. Keep in mind that the majority of solutions require ventilation to protect users from inhaling toxic fumes.
In terms of processes, commercial cleaners work in much the same manner as natural agents do. Most will instruct you to spray the affected grout, wait a certain amount of time, scrub with a brush, and rinse. In extreme cases, mold damage remediation specialists can assist.
Bathroom mildew might seem difficult to remove, but with the correct cleaning agents and a bit of diligent scrubbing, your grout will look as good as new in no time.

Is Fire Damage Covered By Renters Insurance?

6/3/2021 (Permalink)

wooden frame structure burned in Acworth, GA Fire damage in Acworth, GA.

Tenants have the option to insure their possessions against fire damage by obtaining renters insurance. Find out more about this coverage to select the right policy.

What Renters Policies Cover

Renter's policies only cover damage to the contents of a rented domicile, namely the personal possessions of the named insured. This coverage can apply to a wide range of items:

  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Electronic
  • Personal possessions

Review the terms of a policy to make sure the amount of coverage is sufficient to compensate for replacement costs rather than actual cash value with depreciation. A small amount of additional coverage may also be available for liability. It is a good idea to make note of any requirements for obtaining coverage or filing a claim.

Limits and Other Coverage

Renters should make sure that the limit of a policy is high enough to account for the total value of the contents of a residence. Renters insurance policies are not intended to cover damage to building materials or any appliances or fixtures that belong to the landlord or property owner. If these materials or items sustain damage or are destroyed, these losses should be covered by the property insurance policy. It is the responsibility of the property owner or manager to arrange for fire restoration.

Making a Claim

After a fire damages the contents of a rental property, a tenant should document the damage and try to gather and provide receipts or other proof of purchase. Lists of damaged and destroyed content can make it easier to arrange for content cleaning or replace losses.

A tenant should take the time to carefully review the terms and limitations of any renters insurance policy. In the event of fire damage to the contents of an apartment or rental house in Acworth, GA, this coverage can help to offset the costs of professional content cleaning or replacement.

Why To Clean Fire-Damaged Electronics Offsite

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

Burned structure in Acworth, GA Fire and smoke damage in Acworth, GA.

Three Reasons To Remove Electronics That Have Been Exposed To High Heat

Business owners value the technology an enterprise uses, and are usually concerned about damage to computers and office electronics that have suffered a fire. A premature attempt to test or turn on these devices can end up causing irreparable damage or even an electrical fire at commercial property in Acworth, GA. Here are three reasons electronics that have been exposed to high heat, open flame, or smoke should be removed from the location of the fire for cleaning.

1. Increased Risk of Electrical Fires

Even if electronics have not been exposed to open flames, soot and smoke residue can form a film over internal components that causes electronics to short-circuit or overheat. The simple act of turning on a computer, device, or office appliance after a fire may be enough to start another fire.

2. The Need to Reduce Contamination

Attempting to clean contents in an environment that still has residual smoke or soot damage is likely to prove ineffective. Whether the cause of a blaze was an electrical fire or the ignition of combustible substances, smoke molecules run the risk of re-contaminating cleaned items until restoration is complete.

3. Clean Room Conditions and Equipment

A clean room is an ideal environment in which to attempt appliance, device, or computer cleanup. Measures are taken to control static electricity in these environments, which can reduce the danger that electric sparks could cause a fire. Clean rooms are also equipped with equipment that may make it possible to restore the condition of electronics or recover and transfer stored data.

Having electronics cleaned offsite in a dedicated facility reduces the risk of an electrical fire following an initial fire at a commercial structure. Content cleaning experts who specialize in electronics may be able to restore office appliances, computers, or devices with fire and smoke damage or recover valuable data.

3 Steps To Create a Home Fire Escape Plan

3/30/2021 (Permalink)

Map of a house and escape routes A fires escape plan can help keep your family safe when a fire occurs.

The Following Three Steps Can Help You Create Your Plan

Because fire can spread quickly, your family may have only one to two minutes to escape from the time a smoke alarm sounds. A fire escape plan can help ensure that your family can safely evacuate your home during a fire.

1. Include Your Entire Household
Everyone in your household needs to know what to do when a home fire occurs. As a group, you should walk through your home and make note of all possible exits. It may be helpful to draw a floorplan of your home and mark the location of all smoke alarms and two exits for every room. If you have any household member with special needs, such as mobility issues, children, or pets in your home you should make a plan to address their needs.

2. Choose a Meeting Place
Your fire escape plan should include a designated meeting place, such as a neighbor's house, mailbox, traffic sign or light post. Mark the meeting place on your plan and instruct the entire household to go to that place once they have exited the home. Choosing a meeting place will help you ensure that everyone is accounted for so you can alert any emergency personnel to someone who may be trapped in your home.

3. Memorize Emergency Phone Numbers
At a minimum, everyone in your household should know how to call 9-1-1 to report a house fire. It may also be helpful fire preparation to provide family members with other useful contact information, such as the phone number of a fire remediation company in Acworth, GA, or a contact number for a neighbor or family member who doesn't live in the home.
A fire escape plan can help keep your family safe when a house fire occurs. These three steps will get you started. You should review and update your plan as needed at least once every year.