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Prevent Water Damage From Spreading With 24/7 Help

1/20/2020 (Permalink)

Green minivan parked in front of a home, commercial generator attached to minivan SERVPRO provides 24-hour help to get your disaster taken care of the right way

While some things in life can be put off for a while, water, fire and storm damage aren’t on that list. When the unexpected happens in Macland,GA, immediate action is needed to ensure the problem doesn’t get worse. SERVPRO is always open and provides a 24 hour response to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Local Professionals Ensure Speedy Recovery

Getting 24 hour help is the best line of defense to keep the worst from happening. With more than 1,700 locally owned franchises, SERVPRO prides itself on being Faster to Any Disaster. Instead of waiting for some other company to call back or arrive on-site, being nearby allows our team of professionals to provide a fast response to claims. How fast can help arrive?

  • Response to a call in one hour
  • Experts arrive on-site inside four hours
  • After the inspection, an electronic file with a detailed estimate is sent in under two hours
  • A verbal briefing to discuss the plan of action within eight hours

Working with a local professional means that even the smallest damage will have less chance of turning into an extensive restoration. The faster the issues are addressed, the easier and less costly the restoration will be. No matter the time of day or type of disaster, SERVPRO is always open.

Professionals for Any Disaster

Every SERVPRO franchise has a team of professionals who have been trained and certified on industry standards, specialized equipment and best practices. Whether a client is facing spreading mold, lingering smoke damage, floodwater damage or other unexpected disasters, SERVPRO will quickly get the right experts out to address each client’s needs. Backed by an extensive corporate training program, as well as ongoing local training, you can be confident that a speedy restoration will happen the right way.
When water damage hits, don’t go it alone. SERVPRO provides 24-hour help to get your disaster, no matter how big or small, taken care of the right way.

5 Mold Prevention Tips for Your Business

1/11/2020 (Permalink)

Leaking white water pipe Remember to make repairs as quickly as possible

5 Mold Prevention Tips for Your Business

Experiencing water damage in your Lost Mountain,GA, may also mean there’s a potential for mold problems. Fortunately, preventing one can often help prevent the other. Here are five tips that may help.

1. Maintain the Building

Among the easiest mitigation steps to take for mold, prevention is to maintain the company building regularly. This includes inspecting for damage that could lead to leaks that create mold habitats. Also, remember to make repairs as quickly as possible.

2. Use Your Landscaping

Another tip is to use the landscaping around the building to direct water away from the foundation. Slope the ground to direct the flow toward drainage areas, and place deep-rooted plants to help absorb any pooling.

3. Know the Flood Risk

It’s important to know the flood risk of your building in order to avoid water damage and any related mold damage. This includes knowing where the property is located on the watershed, as well as about any incoming stormy weather.

4. Call a Professional

Another thing you will want to do is have the contact information for a local water and mold damage restoration service in case damage does occur. These professionals have the tools and knowledge needed to make repairs and can repair your company property to pre-damage conditions.

5. Remove Water Quickly

One important step for preventing mold growth is to remove any flood water as quickly as possible. Getting the area dry can prevent the conditions in which spores thrive. Your restoration professional may use a pump and a dehumidifier for the job.
Following these tips can help you prevent both mold and water damage. Keep up with building maintenance, use the landscaping around the property to direct water flow, know the flood risk of the area and if damage does occur, call a professional. It's also important to remove any flood water as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth.

3 Things To Know About Declaring a Partial Loss

12/30/2019 (Permalink)

Inside of a building burned, ceiling has soot damage Commercial fire loss in Kennesaw, GA

Three Things to Consider When Asking for Partial Loss Settlements

If your business in Kennesaw, GA, is located near a total fire loss, you may need to seek insurance help for limited restoration. Sometimes heat, air pollution or smoke may have created minor or unseen damage, leaving your store in need of repairs. Your policy can help with this. Here are three things to consider when asking for partial loss settlements.

1. What Should Be Checked?

Blazes can create several hidden problems. Heat can warp the structural integrity of the building, and the water from extinguishers can lead to fungus. Therefore, anytime flames or smoke damage threaten your place, seek immediate attention. You'll want to ensure your building is safe for occupancy. Contact your insurance company, and ask to file a claim. Then, hire a local fire restoration company. The experts can examine the space and test for any of the following issues:

  • HVAC contamination
  • Burned shingles
  • Ruined siding
  • Mold growth
  • Framing instability

2. What Should I Be Cautious of?

Usually, fire loss requires that all areas be brought back to original form; thus, any repair construction should match the initial state. Be clear and firm with your agency. You don't want work completed with an incorrect material or in the wrong color. In addition, these claims are not always deemed serious because the devastation isn't as noticeable or severe as a complete burn, so it's possible that your property could be put on the bottom of the priority list unnecessarily. Be vocal, and push to have your rights respected.

3. What Does Rebuilding Entail?

During fire restoration, the remediation crew should tear out any contaminated materials. That means smoke and water damaged areas may need baseboards and drywall removal. These should be replaced and repainted. Electrical systems should be checked and any structural trouble should be mended. Finally, teams may deodorize and sanitize the rooms.
You can declare fire loss anytime your establishment is threatened and you suspect complications. Sometimes the heat and smoke from a nearby location is enough to create hazards. Have the business inspected, and then fix any troublesome situations so your business can reopen safely for employees and clients.

How a Continuity Plan Can Help Your Business

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

Paper with words BCP Business Continuity Plan One step many business owners take is preparing a continuity plan

How a Continuity Plan Can Help Your Business

For a business in Acworth, GA, preparing for the weather can be an important part of keeping your company open even after storm damage has occurred. One step many business owners take is preparing a continuity plan. Having a plan in place beforehand may help in a number of ways.

1. Knowing Who To Call

After flooding in your company building you may need to contact a local restoration service. Including the information needed to contact these professionals in your plan may help you save time if you need to clean up the damage after a storm. You may also want to keep numbers for other office locations, or your insurance agent.

2. Making an Insurance Claim

You may also want to keep the information needed for an insurance claim with your continuity plan. This will help you know which parts of the damage are covered under your company policy, and what steps you may need to take. In many cases the insurance company will recommend you work with a restoration company. The clean up and repairs can begin before your agent arrives to make an assessment. Make sure to photograph and document any damages as you proceed.

3. Keeping the Business Open

Another thing you may want to include in your plan are ways to keep the business open if repairs need to be made. For minor repairs you may be able to run daily operations as usual. However, for larger restoration jobs it may be necessary to temporarily move things to another office. Try to include steps for accessing computer data from another terminal, rerouting phone calls, renting a temporary office space, or other steps that may be required.
When your company has a continuity plan in place it may be easier to deal with storm damage. The plan should already have the number of a professional restoration service you can call, as other important number you need. You may also have the information you need to discuss with your insurance already in your plan, as well as any steps you may need to take to stay open while repairs are being made

How To Flush Your Water Heater

12/9/2019 (Permalink)

Man's hands unscrewing a screw-nut on a water heater with a wrench on a boiler Flushing your water heater is a simple way to maintain the appliance and prevent costly leaks

How To Flush Your Water Heater

The water heater is a great invention. However, if it is not properly maintained, the heater can malfunction and cause water damage to your Mars Hill,GA, home.
Sediment buildup, in particular, can reduce the lifespan of your heater. It can also cause the heater to crack or burst.
Performing a regular water heater flush can reduce the chances of this occurring. Just grab a screwdriver and a hose and follow the below steps.

Turn Off the Heater

Be sure the heater is completely off before you attempt to flush it. If you have an electric heater, switch off the power source. If you have a gas heater, just extinguish the pilot.

Prepare a Drainage Area

Find a place in your backyard that won't be affected by sediment or warm water. Attach one end of the hose to the heater's drain valve and place the other end in your designated drainage area.


Start by opening the drain valve to the water heater. Wait a few minutes before running the hot water from your kitchen faucet. After a few more minutes, close the valve and wait for the water to stop flowing. Turn the valve back on for another quick flush before shutting it off again.

Check the Water Flow

Once you are done draining the heater, you can restore the water supply. To make sure the heater is working properly, check the kitchen faucet you left open. The flow of water should be slow at first before becoming consistent.

Restore Power

Finally, turn back on the gas or electric circuit that gives power to the heater. To avoid damaging the heater, wait until its tank is full before completing this step.
Flushing your water heater is a simple way to maintain the appliance and prevent costly leaks. If you do find yourself dealing with a heater disaster, your local water damage repair experts can help you clean up.

How To Save Your Possessions After a Residential Disaster

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Wet carpet on a waiting room Pipe burst in a Red Rock, GA building damaging carpet

How To Save Your Possessions After a Residential Disaster

A broken pipe can wreak havoc on your building. The consequential water damage is bad news for your walls and carpets and also your cherished possessions. If you need to salvage your possessions during a pipe burst cleanup, then follow these safety tips to ensure that there are no mishaps.

Time Is of the Essence

It’s important to get started on a cleanup as soon as possible after a flood. The longer your possessions sit in stagnant water, then the greater chance that they are damaged beyond repair. Most pipe bursts happen in basements. Common items that are affected include:

  • Couches
  • Tables
  • Electronics such as televisions, DVD players and game consoles
  • Shelves
  • Paper items such as books, magazines and photographs

Water from a burst pipe is typically dirty and may contain harmful bacteria. Any items that you remove from the contaminated area should be dried and cleaned before use.

Handle Your Possessions With Care

You might find yourself handling heavy items during a pipe burst cleanup. There is a high potential for slips and falls, especially when you’re trudging through water. Go slowly and ask for help if the weight of your furniture seems like a lot to handle.
In addition, keep in mind that electronics that are exposed to water are dangerous. If a cord, outlet or appliance is wet then you run the risk of getting electrocuted.

Call the Experts

If you suspect extensive water damage to your property, then consider recruiting a sewer cleanup company in Red Rock,GA. Experts can examine the flooded area and give you an estimate on the cost of repairs. A quality cleanup company can also assist in salvaging your property because its crew should be certified and trained to work in dangerous conditions. It’s a wise approach that can save you the inconvenience of tackling a cleanup project by yourself.
A pipe burst cleanup must be done safely to prevent injuries. Salvaging your items as soon as possible after a disaster while moving slowly and recruiting professionals are great tips to follow for a successful cleanup.

Why Mold Grows on Bread

12/1/2019 (Permalink)

Hand pointing at mold growth on the wall Mold can grow in as little as 48 hours!

You are a rare human if you’ve never gone to make yourself a sandwich only to discover that your bread has gone moldy. This common occurrence might have left you wondering why bread mold is so common in Acworth, GA, and how it can be avoided.
Why Bread Is a Good Home for Mold
Mold flourishes in warm, moist places with ample food sources and poor air circulation. This makes bread a good place for a mold colony for several reasons.

Bread is a starchy food, and that starch breaks down into sugars that are an ideal food source for bread mold.
Most people store bread in a bag or a box to keep it from drying out. Unfortunately, the limited air circulation in this environment makes it easier for mold spores to attach and spread.
Mold needs moisture to grow. Bread has some moisture in it naturally. Bread bags and boxes sometimes trap additional moisture that can create an even better environment for fungus growth.

How To Reduce Mold
Because mold spores are everywhere, it is difficult to avoid. However, you can slow mold growth. Though the cool temperatures in your refrigerator are not ideal for mold, the moisture is, which is why fridge mold often becomes a problem when you forget to throw out your leftovers. For this reason, you may want to avoid storing your bread in the refrigerator. You can avoid introducing moisture into your bread’s environment by not handling your bread with wet hands. Finally, consider freezing your bread. Mold cannot tolerate the temperatures in your freezer, making freezing your bread one of the best ways to reduce mold.
It is perfectly normal to have mold spores in your home, so a bit of bread mold usually shouldn’t be cause for alarm. However, if you begin noticing troublesome amounts of mold growth in your home, you may want to consider contacting a mold remediation specialist.

Understanding Homeowners Insurance and Arson

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke surrounding a smoke alarm that's going off Protect your home with fire alarms

A home fire in most cases is covered by your homeowners policy. This is typically true if the cause of the fire was from an electrical malfunction, a lightning strike, a faulty piece of equipment and even through the mistaken actions of a resident. Arson, though, is one of the most common reasons a fire may not be covered by insurance. This crime occurs when a person deliberately sets fire to a structure. The reasons for doing this are many, but arson is always labelled as a criminal act. In most cases, when a fire occurs, the fire department will conduct an investigation into its cause. The insurance company may also conduct its own investigation. Why a Deliberate Fire Is Not Covered When a home fire happens in Acworth, GA, it is likely to result in a large amount of damage. A standard homeowners policy typically covers fire damage that is sudden and accidental. Coverage normally includes the following items: Damage to the home's structure Expenses related to the loss of contents Payments for living expenses while the home is repaired Costs associated with fire cleanup by a professional fire remediation company In the case of an intentional fire, these expenses are often denied. The main reason for this is to act as a deterrent for those who would set an intentional fire for financial gain. If the circumstances are suspicious, such as in the case of a vacant home fire, a rigorous investigation may follow. Why You Need To be Vigilant If you have home insurance, and a claim has been denied after a home fire, it is important to follow up. An insurance company cannot deny your claim just because it does not want to pay the expenses. It must provide solid evidence that arson was committed. To protect your interests, you can work closely with the fire department, or even hire your own fire investigator.

Quick and Easy Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

11/14/2019 (Permalink)

Installation of a new sump pump and the removal of the old obsolete rusty one with a high angle view of the pumps Keep your sump pump maintained

A sump pump is a handy piece of equipment that’s easy to forget about, until you need it. When that happens, the last thing you want to realize is that it’s not working properly. Fortunately, keeping your pump in working order doesn’t’ have to be a major burden. Follow these steps to ensure your Davis Crossroads,GA home’s pump is ready for action when the time comes.

How Pumps Fail

A good sump pump is a key tool in minimizing floods and flood damage in your home. But like any machine, a pump can fail. Common causes include:

  • Improper installation
  • Clogged discharge lines
  • Power loss

The good news is that pump maintenance isn’t a heavy-duty process. In fact, most maintenance falls into two groups.

Quarterly Maintenance

Once every three to four months, peek at your pump. Make sure to perform basic cleaning, such as wiping down the inlet screen. Check the power cord for signs of wear and make sure it’s properly connected to a power source. Finally, pour enough water into the pump to raise the float and ensure the pump properly turns on.

Annual Maintenance

Once a year, you’ll want to take a few added steps to keep your pump in working order. Start again with cleaning out the sump. Remove the pump and check it for any damage. Depending on your model, you may need to oil or grease its bearings. Check your owner’s manual to be sure. Finally, repeat the steps from the quarterly checks, checking the power source and testing your pump with a bucket of water.
A sump pump is one of those things you don’t think about until you need it. Be sure that yours will be up the challenge of a flood by keeping it maintained. And if your home has already suffered a flood, reach out to a water remediation company to clean things up and start anew.

Candle Safety in Your Home and Alternatives

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

Wax warmer candle Wax warmer candles can do the trick!

Candles can be a nice addition to your home’s “ambiance,” especially during holidays, religious events, or other special occasions in Kennesaw,GA. Unfortunately, candles do come with some risk which have resulted in home fires. Practicing some basic safety can help prevent a candle fire in your home so you can continue enjoying that peaceful little flame!

Candle Tips

Blow all candles out when you leave a room or go to bed, and it is often best not to use candles in rooms where people may fall asleep
Keep the flame about one foot away from anything flammable
Use solid and sturdy candle holders that will not tip over and will keep the flame contained
Set candles on flat, non-flammable surfaces
Be careful when lighting candles, being mindful of hair and clothing

Candle Alternatives

In some home situations, it might be safer to avoid candles altogether, whether that is temporarily while you wait for young children to get a little older, or in cases where someone in your household uses an oxygen tank. Some alternatives you might consider include:

Flameless candles: Battery powered, LED candles look very similar to traditional candles, without the candle fire hazard. You might even find some scented ones.
Flashlights: For times when the power is out, battery-powered flashlights are a safe option and can last much longer than a candle.
Oil or wax warmers: If you’re looking for the nice scent candles put into the room, there are flameless oil and wax warmers which can do the trick.

Protect Your Home

While candles can be nice, especially if you have young children around or expect yourself to forget to blow your candles out, there are plenty of alternatives that can create the same effect while providing equivalent or safer lighting. If you have experienced damage caused by a candle fire, there are smoke cleanup and fire restoration services that can put your home back to normal in no time.