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3 Simple Steps for Preventing Commercial Mold Growth

7/26/2019 (Permalink)

Condensation on the window leaking down onto the wall Regularly wipe away moisture to keep mold from growing around the windows sill

Prevent Mold From Taking Hold At Your Commercial Property

"You know what this office needs? Some black mold," said nobody ever. If mold cleanup isn't part of your budget, follow these three steps to prevent mold from taking hold at your commercial property.

1. If things get wet, dry them ASAP. Mold loves moisture like your business loves turning a profit. In fact, it can't grow without it. To avoid a moisture problem in your building, make sure that wet areas and items such as basements and rugs are dealt with immediately and thoroughly.

Be proactive, too. After a heavy storm, for example, inspect the building's low-lying areas and drains. Regular check-ins under bathroom, break room, and utility sinks are a wise idea, too.

2. Air the building out. This is an especially important step if your property is subject to a lot of humidity, either due to your location or to the type of business performed there. Lack of ventilation helps black mold thrive, so be sure to vent any moisture-producing equipment, employ dehumidifiers and fans as needed, and, if nothing else, let some fresh air in regularly.

Monitoring your indoor humidity is a smart call, as well. According to the EPA, the humidity indoors should stay between 30% and 60%.

3. Perform regular inspections of your property. While mold-resistant building materials or paints can help reduce the odds of mold, it's virtually impossible to 100% mold-proof your commercial property. You can, however, monitor any areas that might be hospitable to mold.

In addition to checking in with plumbing fixtures, hoses, sewers, and any areas that have the potential to harbor moisture after a storm, keep an eye out for new clues. These might include telltale signs of moisture issues such as a water stain on the ceiling or persistent condensation on a window.

Black mold is insidious, but it's not inevitable. By proactively inspecting your commercial property in Lost Mountain,GA, and keeping it dry and well-ventilated, you can significantly reduce your odds of requiring the skilled help of experienced mold removal specialists.

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