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Why Does Mold Keep Coming Back?

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Mold spores thrive on moisture

Mold Cleanup

For many homeowners, bleach is the go-to chemical when messes are tough to treat. However, chlorine bleach is not the best tool for targeting black mold. There are several important reasons to pass up the bleach and take other steps for mold cleanup.

  • Bleach doesn't soak into porous surfaces, so it may kill mold on the surface, but doesn't penetrate to the roots of the mold. Wait a week or two and you'll see new growth.
  • Eventually, that surface bleach that was once effective, won't be. Chlorine evaporates, so all that's left is a moist surface. Old bottles of bleach are generally much less potent because of this.
  • The fumes from bleach are harmful to the environment, including your family and pets.

The fact is that mold exists naturally and is found everywhere. It plays a vital role in the decay process and is instrumental in the creation of cheese and penicillin. Why does it keep showing up in your home?

One: There Are Plenty of Suitable Environments

Mold requires a bit of moisture and some organic matter, and that's it. Of course, there are plenty of locations throughout the home that satisfy these requirements. Look in out-of-the-way places in bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, the laundry room, crawlspaces, the attic, in the pipes or ducts, around the windows, and under the sink.

Two: Mold Is Always There

Whether they drift in on a spring breeze or get carried in on your clothing, mold spores are easily transported from one place to another. You may work very hard to clean up one spot only to find new black mold growth somewhere else in the home. Mold remediation professionals conduct thorough tests to located hidden clusters of mold and to identify potential breeding grounds. Without these efforts, new spores could take hold.

Although black mold exists everywhere, it can be managed. If you take adequate steps of prevention and contact professionals at the first sign of trouble, you can keep your Macland,GA, home safe and clear.

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