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How Do Ice Dams Result In Mold Damage?

11/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How Do Ice Dams Result In Mold Damage? Ice dams in Los Mountain,GA

An ice dam results from uneven temperatures on a roof. Snow melts and refreezes at the eaves, preventing additional snow melt from draining off of the roof. Find out more about the causes of ice dams and how these formations can result in water damage.

How Do Ice Dams Form?

Ice dams are more likely to form if a roof has uneven temperature levels. A dam results from:

  • Warmer temperatures higher on the roof
  • Cooler temperatures lower on the roof
  • Insufficient drainage

If snow melts, runs down the roof, and refreezes, water can pool behind the dam of ice. Standing water may damage roofing materials and lead to leaks.

What Causes Uneven Roof Temperatures?

Warm air can rise through the ceiling toward insulation and the roof surface. Heat may transfer from the:

  • Ceiling to insulation through conduction
  • Insulation to roof sheathing through convection
  • Insulation to the surface of the roof through radiation
  • Heated interior toward the roof through air leakage
  • Chimney to the roof surface
  • Exhaust system to the roof surface

Any of these causes, or solar heat gain, can result in an ice dam. Property owners should take measures to maintain a uniform roof temperature.

How Can You Prevent Dams and Damage?

There are several ways to prevent ice dams. A building owner may:

  • Remove snow with a roof rake or push broom
  • Ensure ceilings are airtight
  • Increase insulation between the ceiling and the roof
  • Ventilate the roof

All of these methods reduce the likelihood that ice will form a dam. Removing snow is a temporary fix. The other methods can address the issues that cause ice dams.

Mold may start to grow in just 24 hours after a leak. Discard water-damaged insulation to prevent black mold. If an ice dam results in damage to a commercial building in Lost Mountain,GA, contact water damage mitigation and mold cleanup professionals.

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