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SERVPRO - Kennesaw Fire Damage

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO - Kennesaw Fire Damage Restoring your home after a fire requires a company with knowledge and experience and SERVPRO has it.

What to Do When Fire Strikes Your Kennesaw Home?

Depending on the severity of the heat and what was consumed by the flames, damage to a home can run from minor physical and smoke damage to major loss such as a roof. To clean, repair, and restore this damage requires a company with experience in how to determine the extent of the loss and the actions needed to return a home to its pre-fire condition.

Restoration of fire damage for Kennesaw homes falls into five categories. SERVPRO has developed these service categories to ensure proper cleaning of every item of structural and personal property. In some severe or special cases, we may need to sub-contract a service, but our technicians can handle most cleaning either on-site or in our facility.

Contents Cleaning Services – Personal property in a home that requires cleaning of smoke residues. When there is only damage from a minor fire (mostly smoke, little heat or flames), our technicians can clean much of it at the location of the damage. If the residue resists initial cleaning, then we pack up the contaminated property to clean and store at our facility or in temporary storage. We also pack up and move property if we cannot secure the home against theft.

Mitigation Services – This is where we work to prevent further damage. Our team members board up openings and engage emergency drying procedures to stop secondary water damage from the efforts of the fire department. If needed, we also insulate exposed plumbing to prevent winter freezing and establish a temporary source of power until it is safe to turn the electricity back on.

Reconstruction Services – When there is major damage from heat and flames, load-bearing walls and other structural components may have to be written off and replaced. If too many support structures require removal, we may need to bring in a general contractor to ensure the home is safe to operate in while we perform other services.

Specialty Restoration Services – This category includes items such as artwork, dry-clean only clothing, electronic equipment, and furniture refinishing. Each of these groups needs specific cleaning agents and equipment to perform the job properly. It is more cost-efficient to sub-contract them in most cases.

Structural Cleaning Services – Much of the damage to a home falls into this category. Smoke residue coats walls, floors, and ceilings as well as gives off various odors depending on what burned. We have a large number of cleaning agents that remove these odors and residues, but there is always some property that resists cleaning and may have to be thrown out (i.e. drywall and ceiling tiles).

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Restoring your home after a fire requires a company with knowledge and experience. SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County has over twenty years in this part of Georgia and access to a nationwide support network. If you need us, call today at (770) 966-1442.

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We Find And Remove Hidden Water in Your Acworth Home

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Find And Remove Hidden Water in Your Acworth Home Not This One! SERVPRO Deploys Industrial Grade Water Pumps for Extraction from Your Acworth Home

SERVPRO Extracts Water and Restores and Repairs As Needed

The average homeowner does not have a complete understanding of the many areas water pools within the recesses of a house after leaking or flooding. Failing to evacuate all the water risks secondary water damage, including mold growth and permanent structural damage. Your local SERVPRO detects hidden pockets of water and removes them to ensure occupant health and the integrity of building materials.
Torrential rains broke away gutters and downspouts, saturating your foundation. Water removal from your Acworth home is an absolute necessity as the longer it sits, the more likely interior structures and fixtures deteriorate. Expect mold growth within 48 hours and loss of significant amounts of personal possessions stored in the basement unless our technicians arrive to assess the needs, plan for, and implement water abatement.
Water collects in a broad range of places in your lower level once it begins flowing. Finished areas with gypsum board, paneling, or beadboard all create “containers” into which the water seeps or leaks. Construction that is tight and completed with baseboard trim holds quite a bit of moisture behind the visible walls. SERVPRO locates the water and extracts it using a variety of techniques. Flexible nozzles attached to extractors pull the water out, although we may need to cut access slots. Pulling sections of paneling or beadboard away releases moisture as well, and drilled holes near the floor are effective, too.
Cinder block walls contain two cells per block, perfect for obscuring water. Some egress of moisture may occur without further work as the cement is somewhat porous, but the addition of insulation, wooden supports, and painted or otherwise sealed surfaces limits or prevents the free movement of the water. Holes drilled in the mortar or through the brick itself releases moisture which our extraction equipment then collects.
Some of these methods require rehabilitation after the water is removed. Our SERVPRO team includes repair and construction specialists licensed and certified to complete renovation work after remediating the water damage. Engaging our services means you can rely on us for everything from the initial inspection, including the use of leading edge moisture meters and scanners, to a complete rebuild, with all the finishing touches, if necessary.
For comprehensive water removal and damage restoration services, SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County is the answer. Call (770) 966-1442 to schedule an appointment with our team of recovery and rehabilitation specialists.

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Flood Damage in Acworth can Lurk Beneath Your Floor

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage in Acworth can Lurk Beneath Your Floor Let our experienced SERVPRO technicians handle the flood damage in your home. You will be more than happy with the results.

SERVPRO Technicians Prevent Mold From Growing with Our Thorough Storm Damage Remediation Process

Floods in Georgia cost millions in repair and restoration every year. Sometimes, homeowners overlook damage because the obvious, standing water drains itself after a day. When that happens, many homeowners or renters just pull up the rugs to dry on the back fence or maybe replace the living room carpet.

Even so, flood damage to an Acworth home starts from the ground up. Wood floors trap water, and if not removed in a couple of days, then it begins to warp and buckle. Just as damaging if not caught quickly, mold spores begin to expand and grow. These two problems together destroy not just the floor but also damage the sub-floor and the supports underneath. If an inspection does reveal such extensive damage, SERVPRO can rebuild it.

Before rebuilding, however, comes demolition. Our restoration crew removes most damaged floors in just a day or two. They are trained to remove the undamaged trim and avoid damaging walls. If it appears that some boards are undamaged, they set these aside to examine later with the homeowner. If it is financially feasible, we save them to use later.

Next, comes removing the sub-floor and supports. This part of the task goes quickly, and we make certain to take out every piece of damaged wood. If we do not, then the chance for continued mold growth increases. Once we remove everything, one of our inspectors examines all the wood which may be supporting the walls. If there is damage, we use jacks to augment the wall supports, then replace the wood.

To ensure we do it right, technicians relevel the dirt underneath your home. Relevelling prevents the new supports and sub-floor from being laid incorrectly and supports the new wood floorboards from looking crooked to even an untrained eye.

Finally, we take the time to lay in the new wood floor right. Our work crews stop and check our lines with every floorboard and to match the ends of joining boards to ensure there are no gaps. We keep sanders and planers on-hand to keep the process moving. Once we complete installation, our team stains or finishes it as well.

Restoring your home after a flood can be lengthy and expensive. It takes a professional company to rebuild your home from the ground up. SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County is ready to support our neighbors with a 24-hour response team and some of the best-trained technicians in the business. Call us today at (770) 966-1442.

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Mold Damage Restoration & Remediation Services Available Throughout Acworth

6/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Restoration & Remediation Services Available Throughout Acworth Mold Remediation in an Acworth Home Is Not a Petri Dish Exercise

Care Inspection and Removal of Fungi Growths are Crucial to a Successful Mold Remediation

Warm, humid climates provide mold with the perfect environment, especially in your attic or basement where poor ventilation increases the chances of growth. Identifying actual mold growth in either of these two areas can be rough, requiring professional technicians to determine the extent of exposure in your home.
If you even think that mold damage may be a problem in your Acworth home, having a qualified mold remediation specialist perform an inspection can give you the peace of mind you warrant. Just make sure that the company you choose to use has the proper certifications and qualifications to perform the services you need.
A qualified mold remediation company, like SERVPRO, has technicians that take the time to instruct you on the proper way to avoid mold contamination from getting out of control in the future. It may just be a simple play on words to some, but we tend to stay away from terms such as removal or eliminate because there is no way for anyone to remove or eliminate mold from your home entirely. Mold spores are endemic in nature.
SERVPRO mold remediation specialists use a variety of methods to control mold growth found in your home. We dispose of saturated materials, clean and disinfect contaminated areas, all while controlling the environment using air movers, negative-airflow machines, and HEPA filtered vacuums to limit exposure for everyone involved.
SERVPRO technicians use personal protective equipment PPE such as gloves, boots, full-body suits, and masks to prevent mold spreading to other, clean areas of your home. By cordoning off the affected area and using clean rooms to enter and exit the contaminated areas, we prevent the spread further and make every effort to get things under control.
Watching mold remediation specialists can be a fantastic sight, the level of professionalism, care, and precision needed to maintain a well sealed clean zone takes quality training, understanding, and timing. We perform these services and more, for customers just like you, every day.
Call SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County to receive the mold damage remediation services you deserve and return your home to a healthy, clean, safe environment that you and your family can enjoy, today. (770) 966-1442

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Preventing Flood Damage Or Recovering After A Significant Event In Acworth

5/15/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preventing Flood Damage Or Recovering After A Significant Event In Acworth Water Removal from an Acworth Property Post Flooding Is Swift with SERVPRO

SERVPRO Provides a Holistic Approach to Restoration Post Flooding

Regardless of where problems occur on your property, or how events came to be; when you experience flooding, you want a full-service solution. It helps to gain access to a company, like SERVPRO that can manage your entire restoration process, including performing all of the necessary services, or any repairs needed to turn your house back into a home.

Your Acworth area home is just as susceptible to flood damage as anywhere else, maybe more so if you think about it, these problems happen far more often than you may think. The safe thing for any homeowner to do would be to take the proper precautions and install safety measures to ensure the losses you suffer remain manageable.  
SERVPRO has expertly trained IICRC technicians that can go to work for you, help you understand more about your home and the hazards that exist; we can rectify problems before they cause significant damage to your property. We provide you with services designed to ensure that you have taken every precaution possible before, during, and after a disaster occurs on your property.  
Flood damage can happen anywhere, a slow leak exposed over time, broken appliances, poor weather conditions, flash floods from local water expansions and more. Take the time to figure out which of these problems exist on your property and begin protecting your home now. Even if a disaster has already occurred, you can make an effort to ensure it never happens again.  
A qualified SERVPRO technician can spot many issues that most simply overlook. Not to mention we have access to a variety of resources unavailable to less experienced companies. A one- stop shopping approach to restoration, repair, and even rebuilding of your property reduces cumbersome involvement with mutiple companies. We understand how these types of events affect your family and take the proper precautions to protect everyone involved, treating you and your property with the respect you deserve.
SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County makes every effort to meet or exceed any expectations you may have concerning the restoration or recovery of your home after a flood damage incident occurs. Learn more about us and see what we can do to help prevent hazards in your home, call today. (770) 966-1442

Maintain Comfortable Lodging Options in Acworth Even If Water Intrudes

5/4/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Maintain Comfortable Lodging Options in Acworth Even If Water Intrudes Keep your rustic resort inviting after water damage with the aid of SERVPRO's trained technicians. Call today for rapid remediation efforts.

SERVPRO Trained Technicians Quickly Root Out the Cause of Water Damage on Your Commercial Property

Operating a tourist lodging destination in the Cobb County area means you react to a wide variety of ways water intrudes into your lakeside cabins. Folks enjoy the range of outdoor activities in our region but desire a cozy place temporarily call home after the adventures. SERVPRO staff help resort owners manage and solve the issues caused by leaks or plumbing breakage.
Rustic but comfortable, the experience you offer to visitors in the picturesque Lake Allatoona and Lake Acworth district quickly becomes undesirable if commercial water damage destroys the ambiance of your Acworth cabins. Since you live elsewhere, a slow leak or seepage from an aging roof or compromised plumbing is not immediately obvious to you. Musty smells, damp walls and floor coverings, and darkening spots on ceiling tiles are hints that a visit from one of our water damage project managers is wise.
Water intrusion in a tourist cabin damages more than the structure or contents. It makes your resort much less inviting and threatens your profitability. SERVPRO water damage experts train extensively to find the unexpected paths moisture takes when it enters your home. Our employees find even hidden deterioration and have the education and skills needed to restore your cottages after water soaks through walls and ceilings.
Expect a thorough inspection of every inch of your cabins from the SERVPRO staff. Where one unit shows damage, we fear others also suffer the same fate. Interiors finished with wood paneling hide potential concerns behind the planks. Moisture level samples establish where the water is and help our technicians determine drying goals. Cabins often have fewer windows than residences. This lack of cross ventilation means we set up air movers strategically to dry out the area rather than relying upon windows. Dehumidifiers assist as well, offering another level of drying power in a tight or enclosed area.
We find the leak, whether it is due to deteriorated shingles or loose flashings, or the condensation or slow seepage of old iron pipes. Our project manager advises on the best course of action to eliminate the water source and then designs a plan to repair the roof or plumbing. This step is crucial for you to avoid secondary damage from mildew or mold. Our full-service pledge to you includes the option to use our licensed and certified staff to complete necessary construction and plumbing repairs. No need to contract with another provider to solve the leak.
Damp and unpleasant is not the review you want from your resort guests. SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County troubleshoots this type of issue frequently. Call (770) 966-1442 to set up an inspection.

Reliable Help for Water Damage in The Lake City

4/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Reliable Help for Water Damage in The Lake City Keep customers coming in to your shop by calling SERVPRO when you sustain damage.

SERVPRO's Quick Response can Minimize Damage

The unique ambiance of historic homes converted to retail spaces makes visiting the foothills of North Georgia very enjoyable. Buildings that date back to the mid-nineteenth century have their quirks, however, including antiquated plumbing and unstable roofing. If your gift shop suffers from leaking or flooding a call to SERVPRO is an investment for the future of your business.
Outdated hot water heating systems springing leaks or poorly maintained gutters and shingles cause commercial water damage to your Acworth boutique. Your question is where can I find reliable restoration services near me? Our trained technicians make the answer clear. You need a full-service disaster recovery firm, and we have the whole complement of aid and assistance you require to return your curio shop to preloss condition.
A slow leak within the walls due to old plumbing or seeping from a weak area on your roof takes some time to make itself known. The solid construction of an older building masks these problems until significant damage occurs. Bulging walls or stained ceilings contain the hints that all is not right. Just repairing the obvious issues is not enough. A trained water damage specialist needs to trace the path back to the source, and our SERVPRO staff has the education and the experience to investigate appropriately.
Location of the leak informs our team of the steps needed to resolve the water damage issue permanently. Depending upon the repairs necessary to fix the leak, we either move to complete themselves or work with a specialized contractor. Drying of the affected materials also transpires. We evaluate effective methods to drive the moisture out of walls and ceilings, choosing the method that dries quickly and thoroughly. Expect SERVPRO to use air movers, dehumidifiers, remove saturated insulation, replace soaked lathe and plaster, or a combination of all of the above to dry out the areas. When sensible we direct air, warmed or not, into building cavities to assist the drying.
A speedy response is critical as wet building materials can breed mold. The longer an area is damp, the less likely it is that original structures are restorable. Avoiding the tearing out one of a kind woodwork, wall coverings, and coved and embossed walls and ceilings is preferable. SERVPRO's mission is to restore whenever possible, the perfect approach to a historic property.
SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County is ready to take great care to restore water damage done to historic premises. Call (770) 966-1442 for an independent consultation from a well-qualified water damage evaluator.

Get Professional Remediation or Mold Damage Mitigation Services in Your Acworth Home Today

4/5/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Get Professional Remediation or Mold Damage Mitigation Services in Your Acworth Home Today Mold gets handled using the correct safety procedures when you call SERVPRO to investigate an occurrence on your property.

SERVPRO Follows Proper Standards When Dealing with Mold

You have found a small patch of mold on your bathroom ceiling and cannot help but wonder how extensive the exposure is, or how much damage exists, but you are afraid to look. Performing a little research online, you get even more confused. People attempt to misinform you, making decisions even harder.
One of the most important things that most of the information concerning mold damage in your Acworth home involves getting the help you need as soon as possible. So, you turn to a local company, with national resources, IICRC certified training and someone who follows EPA standards for restoration.
At least, that is what you should have done, before deciding to attempt the repairs on your own. Now you find yourself knee deep in mold contaminated materials, have poor protection set up and continue to spread mold spores throughout your home on the way to make the phone call.
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states in plain text on their website that the best way to address mold contamination situations in your home or business is to contact a quality restoration company for assistance. Companies, like SERVPRO, dedicate a massive amount of time, training, personnel, and equipment to making accommodations for homeowners.
SERVPRO technicians do not just come into your home, spray a bunch of chemicals around and leave. We have very severe contamination, transport and handling procedures developed to help get things under control quickly. Our team works tirelessly, restoring your home’s indoor air quality and the entire contaminated space into a healthy, safe, secure environment for you and your family to enjoy.
Using infrared water location devices, we start with locating and repairing the source of water causing the issue. After that, we physically remove all contaminated, unrestorable items and materials from your home, disposing of them according to EPA and OSHA standards.
Our water removal and drying process is something special to witness. SERVPRO technicians use safety and containment procedures on the affected area, using negative air flow machines, air movers, dehumidifiers and moisture detection equipment to remove pockets of hidden moisture and get mold growth under control quickly.
We also use an EPA-registered disinfectant to treat all of the affected surfaces, perform any repairs necessary, and pay close attention to restoring the contents and personal belongings of your home to a quality pre-damage condition.
Contact SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County for additional information or to request services for mold damage mitigation in your home today. (770) 966-1442

Trust SERVPRO To Dry Walls After Flood Damage To Your Acworth Home

3/26/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Trust SERVPRO To Dry Walls After Flood Damage To Your Acworth Home It only takes one burst of bad weather such as torrential rain to leave your home with flood damage.

Flood Damage To Your Home

Georgia was hit with severe flooding last year and early this year. The arrival of Hurricane Matthew along with several flash flood warnings caused many residents to be evacuated from their homes. Many homes were left with damage after floods. This shows that it only takes one burst of bad weather such as torrential rain to leave your home with flood damage. Even if you can avoid severe weather, a burst pipe can quickly flood your home and cause harm.

If your Acworth home suffers flood damage, one of the most important parts of the cleanup operation is drying out the walls of your house. Flood water quickly penetrates walls and leaves them susceptible to damage. Moisture in the walls of your home is a major cause of mold colony growth and mildew. Damp walls are also more likely to become structurally unsound.

Trust SERVPRO to dry out the walls of your home and leave them as clean and sound as if the flood never happened. Our expert IICRC-certified technicians are fully trained to assess and tackle the flood damage to your house walls. We use moisture meters to inspect the walls and assess how much water has got into them. We also remove baseboards if necessary for a closer examination.

Once we have assessed the level of water damage, we will bring in the best equipment to dry out your walls. We position air movers in the most strategic way to speed up the drying process. In some cases, it is necessary to drill holes in the baseboards or even remove them. If the damage is more extensive, we sometimes need to remove areas of drywall to ensure thorough drying of the wall cavity. We carry out each repair with all due care and attention to preserve your home as well as possible. Our professional teams are trained to ventilate the walls with the minimum possible damage to your home. Our plan is to find the most effective way to dry out the walls as quickly as practical.

We also examine the insulation in your walls to determine if it can be dried or if it needs to be thrown away and replaced. In some cases, flood damage means insulation gets saturated with water and mats up. This renders it unusable, and it needs to be replaced. Some fiberglass insulation is salvageable if the damage is not too extensive. Our SERVPRO team gives you honest advice on whether this is possible.

If you have suffered flood damage, rely on SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County to dry out your walls. Call us at (770) 966-1442 for assistance.

Why Fire Damage in Acworth Means Replace, Resurface or Renew

3/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Why Fire Damage in Acworth Means Replace, Resurface or Renew Getting a SERVPRO assessment after a fire is the first step in the restoration process.

Our SERVPRO Technicians are Trained to Professionally Evaluate the Items Damaged By Fire

Fire damage restoration is made up of lots of little tasks and repair processes. They all contribute to the larger job of restoring a home to its former condition. While the decisions that technicians make relate to a variety of factors, they can be defined by three outcomes.

They are replacement, resurfacing, and renewal. In other words, the SERVPRO team has to decide whether an item is salvageable and to what extent. To successfully repair fire damage in Acworth homes, we have to make a lot of these decisions. However, each one has your best interests in mind.

Keep reading to learn more about the fire restoration process and what it means for damaged items and possessions.


The simplest method of repair is cleaning. It costs little, and it has a high rate of success because SERVPRO only cleans materials which respond well to it. For instance, basic wiping and scrubbing is a good idea for walls and ceilings, as well as plastic and metal items.

Non-porous materials do not absorb soot or smoke easily. So, if the flames do not burn them, they can be renewed with regular cleaning products. In some cases, we use high powered spray and pressure washers to apply more force to larger surfaces like internal walls.


Not all items are compatible with cleaning. While plasterboard and plastics are unlikely to take on a lot of smoke (like fabrics), they may yellow. Or, more commonly, greasy soot from a fire accumulates on walls and causes nasty stains.

Scrubbing oily soot from surfaces can be tough. Sometimes, it is not possible. In these situations, SERVPRO covers stains with new paint and finishes. The important thing is that we always apply a sealant first. It prevents the soot stains from emitting odors or leaking through the new paint.


Clearly, replacement is the most expensive repair process. It is the last resort and only used for items which are beyond rescue. For example, any furniture or possessions that are badly burned need removing and replacing.

Normally, larger items like carpets are salvageable, as long as they have not been sitting in excess water (from extinguishing efforts) for more than 48 hours. SERVPRO offers a comprehensive repair package, so we can arrange for replacement items wherever needed.

To find out more about how SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County restores fire damaged homes, get in touch with our team. We are a local company and are perfectly placed to deal with emergencies in the Acworth area. Call us 24/7 at (770) 966-1441.