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5 Ways a Restoration Company Can Help with Water Damage

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

5 Ways a Restoration Company Can Help with Water Damage

If a home or business encounters water damage, it's important to know how owners and managers should deal with the mitigation and overall restoration process. Calling in professionals will make it easier to overcome the problems from water in a home or water in a business.

Get Rid of the Water

The water cleanup is a big part of the mitigation. Without water cleanup, it's going to lead to more damage. Regardless of how water in a home or water in a business came to be, the top focus should be to figure out how to get rid of it.

Pipe breaks, supply line breaks, and other problems can result in a lot of water. A flooded home or business needs to depend on professionals within a restoration company to get rid of the water. Once the water cleanup starts, the rest of the mitigation plan will fall into place.

Determine Reason for Flood Damage

In addition to water cleanup, there needs to be a determination as to what went wrong. Why is there so much water? A pipe break or supply line break might be the culprit. When there is a pipe break or supply line break, then a plumber or other professional might need to be called in to make repairs. Otherwise, the mitigation won't be successful because there will still be water in a home or water in a business to deal with.

The restoration process will vary based on how the flood damage occurred. Whether it's from a storm, a pipe break, a supply line break, or some other issue, a restoration company will know how to get the problem under control. Water pumping, drying, and other methods will be used to get everything restored.

Save What Can Be Saved

Drying is an important process carried out by restoration professionals. With heavy-duty drying tools, it's possible to get the moisture out of a lot of materials. From carpeting to drywall, a lot can be saved with drying.

There might be other things that can be saved. Much of it has to do with how soon a location began with mitigation and water cleanup. The water damage will often be a direct result of how quickly someone called a professional restoration company to come out to a flooded home or business.

Create a Restoration Plan

A restoration plan has to be created to deal with flood damage. When there is water in a home or water in a business, it has to be removed. It's not just the water that's the problem. It's the aftermath. Often, waterlogged materials have to be removed from the building because of flood damage. Further, many areas of a flooded home or business will need to be rebuilt.

The amount of water damage, mold, and other ruined items will dictate what's included in the full plan.

Restore the Home or Business

Once a flooded home or business is in the hands of professionals, it is restored. It might take days or weeks to rebuild and repair everything that was damaged by the water. However, it will ensure that the building is strong and there is no chance of mold or mildew growing in corners or in areas that cannot be seen.

Working with a professional restoration company allows a business or homeowner to know that the water damage will be held efficiently. The DIY task is too overwhelming, with the chance of too many steps being missed. With all the ways that professionals can help, it's easy to know that the building will be stronger than ever.
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Commercial Fire Damage and What to Know

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Commercial Fire Damage and What to Know

Dealing with fire damage in the home or in your business office is problematic in many different ways. Not only will you need professional fire restoration to be done by a commercial fire damage expert, but you are also going to need to consider installing a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system in order to prevent the problem from getting worse. Even after the firefighters have left using their fire hoses and fire trucks, it is imperative that you have commercial fire damage done by the fire restoration experts.

One of the main issues when it comes to dealing with an electrical fire or utility room fire is the fact that you are left with a significant amount of smoke damage and soot damage that is hard to handle on your own. The smoke damage and soot damage is problematic in many different ways, so it is important that you have fire restoration professionals come in to do the fire damage cleanup for you. You will be amazed at what these experts can do when it comes to the fire damage in your home, as well as to install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system to prevent the issue from getting worse in the future.

Once you have made the decision to hire a professional company for the commercial fire damage cleanup and fire restoration, they will come to your home or business and begin the fire-damaged work for you. If you have some type of insurance on your home, you may even find that this restoration is done at a price that you can afford. This is ideal for anyone who has ever dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire and do not know what to do. Despite the fact that the firefighters have left using their fire hoses and fire trucks, it is imperative that you have commercial fire damage cleaned up as soon as possible.

It does not matter if you have recently dealt with an electrical fire or utility room fire, the most important thing to remember is that fire damage is cleaned up professionally by a company that does this type of work for a living. They will do an amazing job of taking care of the smoke damage and soot damage that is Left Behind. This is something you will never have to deal with on your own when you know the experts are there to help. They can also install a fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system for you that many firefighters have recommended for homeowners and business owners.

Another issue you might find when it comes to Firefighters and their use of fire hoses and fire trucks is that it leaves a lot of water damage behind. This is in any case of an electrical fire or utility room fire, so it is imperative that you contact them as soon as you notice smoke damage or soot damage from the issues you have dealt with. The fire sprinkler system and fire suppression system is something that many professionals will recommend, as it prevents you from having to use fire hoses and fire trucks to get the fire put out.

Now that you know how important it is for you to hire the Professionals for this type of work, it is imperative that you look around and see which companies are available to you. There are tons of professionals out there who are more than willing to take you on as a client, so be sure to consider this as an option and to see if it is right for you. Once you have made the decision to work with their experts, you are well on your way to ensuring that your home is back to its former glory after a fire has ravished each and every room that happened to be affected from the utility room fire itself.
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Professional Storm Damage Restoration and What to Know

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Professional Storm Damage Restoration and What to Know

When it comes to home restoration and water restoration from river flooding and regular flooding, it is important that you work with a storm restoration professional. These storm restoration experts deal with everything from ice damming to frozen pipes and everything in between. They can also handle hail damage and roof damage that is a result of hail and storm damage in the area. In order to begin the home restoration and water restoration, you will need to find a company offering storm remediation. When you make the decision to work with hail damage experts for ice damage, you're making a decision that will help with storm remediation.

Wind damage and storm damage are difficult to deal with on your own, especially when you consider all of the flooding and river flooding that comes from hurricane damage. Hurricane damage can be handled by contacting a pro for storm remediation. When you decide to hire the pros for home restoration and water restoration, you're doing something positive for your roof repair and roof leaks. This is why it's a good idea to get in a professional for storm remediation. Flood water and ground water need to be handled by the home restoration and water restoration experts who deal with all types of hurricane damage in your area.

Whether you have hurricane damage, hail damage, ice damage due to ice dams and ice damming or you need professional roof repair, the storm damage experts are there to help. Storm damage from river flooding, flooding, ice damming, ice dams and hail damage is problematic on its own. You should never attempt to handle the ice damming and ice damage yourself, especially when it concerns river flooding and regular flooding. If you have a roof leak, you're also going to need to have roof repair done by the ice damage experts. Wind damage and roof damage go hand-in-hand, so be sure to contact a company dealing with storm restoration. With storm restoration, they can bring a flood pump to get rid of the ground water and flood water that is present. This flood pump is essential for any and all ground water and flood water that you have, as well as getting rid of it on a roof causing roof damage. You may not have a flood pump for the ground water or flood water that is there, so you need to get in the pros.

For the wind damage, roof damage and roof leaks, you'll need to hire a professional company. This company can also handle the ice dams and the frozen pipes that you currently have along with offering roof repair for roof leaks. They can use their flood pump to get the job done for you. Wind damage can also cause some serious frozen pipes and ice dams, so you'll need an expert's help. If you currently have ice dams, you need a professional who can help you out tremendously. The frozen pipes are best left to the experts who have the proper tools to get them back to working condition for you and your family. No matter what type of home or business you operate, it is imperative that you have an expert there to help with these tasks.

Now that you know how important it is for you to get roof repair and storm damage done by the experts, you can contact a company and have them come out to your home and do an assessment. This is something that everyone who has ever dealt with storm issues will appreciate. Because this type of work is often covered by insurance, it's also nice to know that you may not have to pay for it all on your own. Instead, just contact the company in question and you are well on your way to having the repair work done at a time that is convenient for you and your loved ones.
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Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

Top Benefits of Hiring Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

A water in home or water in business damage should be handled promptly to prevent an escalation of the water damage and limit the water cleanup costs. Delaying the restoration process will cause further problems such as mold growth and even electrical damage. A flooded home can be very devastating, but you can put the damage in the past by hiring a professional recovery company. Here are benefits of selecting a reputable water damage restoration company:

Swift restoration

With a supply line break or pipe break, your home or commercial building can experience massive damage. Trying to combat the flood damage can be very exhausting and slow going. Therefore, you need a professional flood damage mitigation service provider who will send technicians to rapidly combat the damage from spreading. The team of professionals from a restoration company will act quickly in repairing the supply line break or pipe break and perform a thorough water cleanup which will enhance quick drying of your surfaces.

The professionals from a restoration company have the right skills and equipment for conducting faster drying and mitigation on the flooded home or commercial building, and thus prevent water from seeping into your floors, supporting structures, and walls. A professional mitigation company will send a team of technicians who will apply the technique of divide and conquer in handling different affected areas. In other words, the flood damage restoration company can be able to cover more ground in the mitigation than you could do working alone.

Prevent mildew and mold growth

After a few hours of flood damage, your property may start experiencing mold and mildew growth that is also very expensive to remove. Hence, a prompt water cleanup and mitigation process is necessary to prevent these scenarios. Moreover, a professional restoration company has the right chemicals and equipment for mitigation and removal of any fungus that has already started forming and disinfects areas where it is found. Flooded homes are inhabitable because the formed mold can be a health risk.

Professional input

It's not easy for an untrained person to detect supply line break or pipe break issues, especially if they are located in hidden corners or parts of a building. Professionals understand plumbing systems and can quickly identify the root cause of the water in home or water in business and make necessary repairs as quickly as possible.

Moreover, you may not be able to recognize the supply line break or pipe break systems that need to be repaired without the help of a professional water damage restoration technician. The experts will inspect your home or furnishings and advice you on what is supposed to be done or salvaged after a devastating water damage or flood damage.

Important details

In a flooded home, hazardous waste water can find its way into your home or commercial building. You should only let certified professionals from a restoration company who have the right protective gear to handle such water in home or water in business situations.

There can be other serious problems resulting from a water in home or water in a business like when water gets into your ductwork or vents. The experts from the flood damage restoration firm know how to conduct swift drying procedures, cleaning vents and air ducts, removing bad odors, deodorizing and sanitizing your home or business before the property becomes conducive for accommodation.

So much is involved in cleaning water in home or water in business than just drying and wiping away the residue left behind by the damage. The water cleanup professionals from a restoration firm with experience and industrial restoration equipment will pay attention to the smaller details that can cause serious long-lasting issues to your building after water damage.
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What to Do If You Have Fire Damage

8/31/2017 (Permalink)

What to Do If You Have Fire Damage

Fire is a very dangerous thing. Fire can cause soot damage, smoke damage and fire damage. Commercial fire damage can cause even more problems that might require you board up your home. If you have fire in home or fire in a business, you need to work with a restoration company that can help you with fire damage restoration. Fire damage restoration and fire cleanup can be a delicate issue that needs careful handling. Smoke smell can linger for a long time. An effective restoration company can help reduce smoke smell, get rid of your soot damage, smoke damage and create a space that is free of fire damage. If you have a fire in home or a fire in business that has resulted in commercial fire damage, you will need to consult with the right restoration company and develop a plan that can help you address all areas of fire cleanup and begin the work of fire damage restoration.

Your First Steps

A fire can happen unexpectedly. You may have to board up your home or business as a result of soot damage and smoke damage. Commercial fire damage can be even more troublesome. You may need to board up your entire business after a fire in business. Smoke smell, smoke damage and soot damage can linger for a long time. If you have commercial fire damage you will need to move as fast as possible to remedy the situation. You need to think about restoration company that can help with fire damage, fire in home and fire in business so you can get back into business as soon as possible and take away the board up parts of the space.

Creating a Plan

When dealing with fire damage, you need to create a plan for fire damage restoration. Fire cleanup can take some time so you need think about what you plan to do at every step of the way. A fire in home can leave you with only a few small rooms to use or even make it hard for you to live there at all. The smoke smell can be hard to cope with. A plan centered around fire cleanup is one that helps you figure out how to respond in the immediate aftermath of the fire and then what to do in the coming weeks. Even a small fire can lead to huge problems. Your kitchen might be damaged, making it hard to cook. Your bathrooms may have lingering soot on the walls, posing a danger whenever you enter the space. You need to be prepared to consider what you should do right now as well as how to address any specific issues that may continue to cause a problem such as damage to the foundation of your home or your business. Each person will have different needs that need to be addressed in order to get spaces that are free from fire problems.

Setting it in Motion

In the immediate aftermath of a fire problem, you may feel quite scared. The fire may have come on you suddenly in the middle of the night. If you own and run a business, you may be scared about your livelihood. You need to take a breath, relax and asses the damage. Then, it's time to contact a company that can help you begin the process of recovery. Once you've realized what's happened, you need to start setting remedies in motion that will resolve the problem. A good company can meet with you and help you get past this immediate problem. When you begin by setting things in motion, you are able to realize that this will also pass and you can begin to see your way out of it. Letting go and finding the best possible help is the ideal way to overcome any fire damage problem.
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Services Included in Mold Damage Restoration

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Services Included in Mold Damage Restoration

If you have suffered from mold damage, you may be wondering what exactly a restoration company can do for you. In these harsh economic times, you want to ensure that the restoration company you hire for mold removal gives you value for money. In this regard, the restoration company should have the ability to offer both remediation and mitigation services to prevent mold growth in the future. They should have the necessary experience to deal with black mold and stop the dry rot in its track. Knowing what to expect can help you have peace of mind when you have mold in home.

Understanding of mold damage

The restoration company you call for remediation services should be knowledgeable in the field. You want professionals that can identify the various species of fungus and mildew. They should possess the know-how needed to deal with the smelly odor associated with a black mold infestation. To prevent future mold in home attacks, the mold damage experts should also know some of the mitigation steps needed.

Possession of equipment

The process of mold removal requires certain types of specialized equipment. If you are not a mold removal expert yourself, you may not have the need to purchase machinery that specializes in detecting mold in the home. However, the mold damage experts need these machines to increase the efficiency of mold removal. The remediation equipment should be capable of detecting the fungus or mildew wherever it may be in the home. When combined with experienced mold growth professionals, the equipment can be able to identify mold growth behind the wall. This can be a difficult area to reach in the search of mold in the home.

Cleaning agents

One of the most effective mitigation steps against mold damage is a proper cleanup. The mold growth experts know that once the mold has been removed, a cleanup offers good chances of catching the microscopic elements of the fungus or mildew that may still be left. It is important to ensure that the cleaning agent not only removes the fungus and mildew, but that it also kills them completely. This helps to prevent future mold growth. Deodorization is also important at this stage to remove the smelly odor caused by black mold. The chemicals used for deodorization should be environmentally friendly but also effective. You do not want a lingering smelly odor that remains even after all the black mold has been removed. Nevertheless, the deodorization agents should not cause further damage in addition to the losses you have suffered from the commercial mold damage. It should not damage the furniture or walls in your home.


After undergoing commercial mold damage, you want professionals that can remove the dry rot within the shortest time possible. Exposure to the dry rot can result in the smelly odor spreading to cover larger areas. Commercial mold damage may also result in the decline in the value of property. Thus, you need professionals that can handle the dry rot within a short time. If you call them, they should dispatch a commercial mold damage professional immediately to carry out an inspection. Once the remediation experts begin work on removing mold growth behind the wall, they should give you a timeline. This outlines the processes and steps in getting rid of the mold growth behind the wall. After cleaning the mold growth behind the wall, the experts should give you mitigation steps to be implemented immediately. You do not want to give the mold growth behind the wall any time to return.


From a review of the individual services, it is clear that the most important is professionalism. You need individuals that can do what they say they can do. This helps to give you peace of mind when working with them. For instance, if they say that you will not notice the smelly odor after deodorization then that should be the case. Ensure that you only work with a restoration company that is reputable and professional.
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SERVPRO - Kennesaw Fire Damage

7/18/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage SERVPRO - Kennesaw Fire Damage Restoring your home after a fire requires a company with knowledge and experience and SERVPRO has it.

What to Do When Fire Strikes Your Kennesaw Home?

Depending on the severity of the heat and what was consumed by the flames, damage to a home can run from minor physical and smoke damage to major loss such as a roof. To clean, repair, and restore this damage requires a company with experience in how to determine the extent of the loss and the actions needed to return a home to its pre-fire condition.

Restoration of fire damage for Kennesaw homes falls into five categories. SERVPRO has developed these service categories to ensure proper cleaning of every item of structural and personal property. In some severe or special cases, we may need to sub-contract a service, but our technicians can handle most cleaning either on-site or in our facility.

Contents Cleaning Services – Personal property in a home that requires cleaning of smoke residues. When there is only damage from a minor fire (mostly smoke, little heat or flames), our technicians can clean much of it at the location of the damage. If the residue resists initial cleaning, then we pack up the contaminated property to clean and store at our facility or in temporary storage. We also pack up and move property if we cannot secure the home against theft.

Mitigation Services – This is where we work to prevent further damage. Our team members board up openings and engage emergency drying procedures to stop secondary water damage from the efforts of the fire department. If needed, we also insulate exposed plumbing to prevent winter freezing and establish a temporary source of power until it is safe to turn the electricity back on.

Reconstruction Services – When there is major damage from heat and flames, load-bearing walls and other structural components may have to be written off and replaced. If too many support structures require removal, we may need to bring in a general contractor to ensure the home is safe to operate in while we perform other services.

Specialty Restoration Services – This category includes items such as artwork, dry-clean only clothing, electronic equipment, and furniture refinishing. Each of these groups needs specific cleaning agents and equipment to perform the job properly. It is more cost-efficient to sub-contract them in most cases.

Structural Cleaning Services – Much of the damage to a home falls into this category. Smoke residue coats walls, floors, and ceilings as well as gives off various odors depending on what burned. We have a large number of cleaning agents that remove these odors and residues, but there is always some property that resists cleaning and may have to be thrown out (i.e. drywall and ceiling tiles).

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

Restoring your home after a fire requires a company with knowledge and experience. SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County has over twenty years in this part of Georgia and access to a nationwide support network. If you need us, call today at (770) 966-1442.

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We Find And Remove Hidden Water in Your Acworth Home

7/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage We Find And Remove Hidden Water in Your Acworth Home Not This One! SERVPRO Deploys Industrial Grade Water Pumps for Extraction from Your Acworth Home

SERVPRO Extracts Water and Restores and Repairs As Needed

The average homeowner does not have a complete understanding of the many areas water pools within the recesses of a house after leaking or flooding. Failing to evacuate all the water risks secondary water damage, including mold growth and permanent structural damage. Your local SERVPRO detects hidden pockets of water and removes them to ensure occupant health and the integrity of building materials.
Torrential rains broke away gutters and downspouts, saturating your foundation. Water removal from your Acworth home is an absolute necessity as the longer it sits, the more likely interior structures and fixtures deteriorate. Expect mold growth within 48 hours and loss of significant amounts of personal possessions stored in the basement unless our technicians arrive to assess the needs, plan for, and implement water abatement.
Water collects in a broad range of places in your lower level once it begins flowing. Finished areas with gypsum board, paneling, or beadboard all create “containers” into which the water seeps or leaks. Construction that is tight and completed with baseboard trim holds quite a bit of moisture behind the visible walls. SERVPRO locates the water and extracts it using a variety of techniques. Flexible nozzles attached to extractors pull the water out, although we may need to cut access slots. Pulling sections of paneling or beadboard away releases moisture as well, and drilled holes near the floor are effective, too.
Cinder block walls contain two cells per block, perfect for obscuring water. Some egress of moisture may occur without further work as the cement is somewhat porous, but the addition of insulation, wooden supports, and painted or otherwise sealed surfaces limits or prevents the free movement of the water. Holes drilled in the mortar or through the brick itself releases moisture which our extraction equipment then collects.
Some of these methods require rehabilitation after the water is removed. Our SERVPRO team includes repair and construction specialists licensed and certified to complete renovation work after remediating the water damage. Engaging our services means you can rely on us for everything from the initial inspection, including the use of leading edge moisture meters and scanners, to a complete rebuild, with all the finishing touches, if necessary.
For comprehensive water removal and damage restoration services, SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County is the answer. Call (770) 966-1442 to schedule an appointment with our team of recovery and rehabilitation specialists.

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Flood Damage in Acworth can Lurk Beneath Your Floor

6/18/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage in Acworth can Lurk Beneath Your Floor Let our experienced SERVPRO technicians handle the flood damage in your home. You will be more than happy with the results.

SERVPRO Technicians Prevent Mold From Growing with Our Thorough Storm Damage Remediation Process

Floods in Georgia cost millions in repair and restoration every year. Sometimes, homeowners overlook damage because the obvious, standing water drains itself after a day. When that happens, many homeowners or renters just pull up the rugs to dry on the back fence or maybe replace the living room carpet.

Even so, flood damage to an Acworth home starts from the ground up. Wood floors trap water, and if not removed in a couple of days, then it begins to warp and buckle. Just as damaging if not caught quickly, mold spores begin to expand and grow. These two problems together destroy not just the floor but also damage the sub-floor and the supports underneath. If an inspection does reveal such extensive damage, SERVPRO can rebuild it.

Before rebuilding, however, comes demolition. Our restoration crew removes most damaged floors in just a day or two. They are trained to remove the undamaged trim and avoid damaging walls. If it appears that some boards are undamaged, they set these aside to examine later with the homeowner. If it is financially feasible, we save them to use later.

Next, comes removing the sub-floor and supports. This part of the task goes quickly, and we make certain to take out every piece of damaged wood. If we do not, then the chance for continued mold growth increases. Once we remove everything, one of our inspectors examines all the wood which may be supporting the walls. If there is damage, we use jacks to augment the wall supports, then replace the wood.

To ensure we do it right, technicians relevel the dirt underneath your home. Relevelling prevents the new supports and sub-floor from being laid incorrectly and supports the new wood floorboards from looking crooked to even an untrained eye.

Finally, we take the time to lay in the new wood floor right. Our work crews stop and check our lines with every floorboard and to match the ends of joining boards to ensure there are no gaps. We keep sanders and planers on-hand to keep the process moving. Once we complete installation, our team stains or finishes it as well.

Restoring your home after a flood can be lengthy and expensive. It takes a professional company to rebuild your home from the ground up. SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County is ready to support our neighbors with a 24-hour response team and some of the best-trained technicians in the business. Call us today at (770) 966-1442.

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Mold Damage Restoration & Remediation Services Available Throughout Acworth

6/14/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold Damage Restoration & Remediation Services Available Throughout Acworth Mold Remediation in an Acworth Home Is Not a Petri Dish Exercise

Care Inspection and Removal of Fungi Growths are Crucial to a Successful Mold Remediation

Warm, humid climates provide mold with the perfect environment, especially in your attic or basement where poor ventilation increases the chances of growth. Identifying actual mold growth in either of these two areas can be rough, requiring professional technicians to determine the extent of exposure in your home.
If you even think that mold damage may be a problem in your Acworth home, having a qualified mold remediation specialist perform an inspection can give you the peace of mind you warrant. Just make sure that the company you choose to use has the proper certifications and qualifications to perform the services you need.
A qualified mold remediation company, like SERVPRO, has technicians that take the time to instruct you on the proper way to avoid mold contamination from getting out of control in the future. It may just be a simple play on words to some, but we tend to stay away from terms such as removal or eliminate because there is no way for anyone to remove or eliminate mold from your home entirely. Mold spores are endemic in nature.
SERVPRO mold remediation specialists use a variety of methods to control mold growth found in your home. We dispose of saturated materials, clean and disinfect contaminated areas, all while controlling the environment using air movers, negative-airflow machines, and HEPA filtered vacuums to limit exposure for everyone involved.
SERVPRO technicians use personal protective equipment PPE such as gloves, boots, full-body suits, and masks to prevent mold spreading to other, clean areas of your home. By cordoning off the affected area and using clean rooms to enter and exit the contaminated areas, we prevent the spread further and make every effort to get things under control.
Watching mold remediation specialists can be a fantastic sight, the level of professionalism, care, and precision needed to maintain a well sealed clean zone takes quality training, understanding, and timing. We perform these services and more, for customers just like you, every day.
Call SERVPRO of Northwest Cobb County to receive the mold damage remediation services you deserve and return your home to a healthy, clean, safe environment that you and your family can enjoy, today. (770) 966-1442

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